Colorado Health Foundation 2

The Colorado Health Foundation Headquarters

Supporting the mission of The Colorado Health Foundation, the building features “health-positive” design and development standards that aim to improve the health of both staff and visitors. The three-story building with approximately 32,500 sq. ft. offers direct access to outdoor areas via rooftop decks and gardens. The design was crafted with specific project guiding principles and building metrics in mind, including natural ventilation and daylight. The project will seek LEED Platinum Certification under Version 4 as well as WELL Certification. 

This building brings the outdoors in, starting with a floor-to-ceiling living wall upon entry that is home to hundreds of plants and transitions seamlessly into a large ground floor water feature. The team will erect over a 100 feet of permanent planters throughout the interior of the building and the large windows invite sunlight into the space. The building has its own on-site gym to promote health and wellness for its employees as well as an active garden. 

Additionally, Saunders took their commitment to this cause one step further, creating a challenge for their construction field crews to “Walk Around the World.” Each crewmember was given a pedometer to keep track of their progress and to date the team has already taken 35 million steps to combat the health problems that often plague the construction industry.

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Owner: The Colorado Health Foundation

Architect: Davis Partnership Architects

Location: Denver, Colorado

Renderings courtesy of Davis Partnership Architects